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  • Multipurpose

    Not just for personal hygiene care, our portable bidet spray bottle can also be used for pregnancy, hemorrhoids, menstrual cycles, elderly patients and after surgery care giving everyone a gentle, sanitary clean without all the mess.

  • Compact Design

    Our travel bidet spray bottle is small enough to fit comfortably in your bag, purse, or backpack, making it perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, or daily commutes.

  • Easy-To-Use

    With a simple yet effective design, this handheld bidet spray bottle is incredibly easy to use. Just fill it with water, screw on the nozzle, and you're ready to go.

Stay healthy and save the Environment

Environmental Sustainability: By reducing the need for toilet paper, portable bidets help decrease paper waste and lessen the environmental impact associated with its production and disposal.

Cost-Effectiveness: Use 50% less toilet paper and save money in the long run

Health Benefits: Proper hygiene, facilitated by the use of a bidet, can help prevent various infections and skin irritations in the genital and anal areas.

  • water stream Nozzle

  • lock function

  • 380 ML capacity

  • 65 degree angle punch

  • bottle cap

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why choose us??

Hygiene: Portable bidets provide a more thorough cleaning experience compared to traditional toilet paper alone.

Comfort: Using a bidet can be more comfortable, especially for those with sensitive skin, hemorrhoids, or other conditions that make wiping with toilet paper uncomfortable or painful.

Convenience: Portable bidets are compact and easy to use, making them convenient for any situation.


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